Roof Inspection Costs 2022
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Most Expensive Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are always a costly proposition but if you want the best and do not mind paying for it, read on to learn of the some of the best options.


Cedar shingles are a decent option if you’re going for a specific home style. These shake-style roofs are commonly found on Cape Cod, colonial and other historically-styled homes. Cedar shakes are very durable too. The Cedar Shake & Shingles Bureau says average lifespan of cedar shakes and shingles is 30-40 years, depending om climate to installation to storms. Even if the shingle itself lasts that long, however, that doesn’t mean they’ll retain their high-end appearance. Cedar as a roofing material is very susceptible to damage. Wood rots and burns easily, so you need to have cedar shakes specifically treated and installed in order to get them as water- and fire-resistant as possible, but even then they’re still at risk of damage. Plus, compared to the run-of-the-mill asphalt shingle, cedar shakes are up to six times more expensive – not always worth the upkeep costs and energy.


Slate is by far the most expensive roofing material on the market. It’s ten times more costly than the average asphalt shingle as it pairs well in Gothic, Tudor, Chateau or other expensively styled, historic-looking homes. Since slate is stone, it’s  fire resistant and, depending on its mining location, can last from 60-200 years. However, stone becomes more brittle and less impact-resistant as it ages, and where the material is mined can have a huge impact on how well it holds up over the years. To find a good quarry, you’ll have to do a lot of research and pay the high price to have it shipped to you. Another issue that typically pops up with slate is slipping — when tiles slip out of place or fall out completely after installation. Low-quality manufacturing techniques, “over-nailing” and walking on the tiles during installation are the most common causes of slipping.

Professional Roofing Installation Services

You’ve got a lot of great options for roofing materials.  No matter which roofing material type you choose Paul’s Roofing is here to help install it right.  Our team installs whichever roofing material you want the right way, the first time.  We strictly used the highest quality and longest lasting roofing materials to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. Paul’s Roofing can help with installation of shingle roofing, tile roofing, spray foam roofing and more.